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Assistant professor (Ricercatore RTDb)
University of Udine
Polytechnic Department of Engineering and Architecture


Office L1-07-NC (first floor, east corner)

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Dipartimento Politecnico di Ingegneria e Architettura
Via delle Scienze 206
33100 Udine, Italy

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In 2016 I obtained a Ph.D. in Mathematical Analysis at SISSA – International School for Advanced Studies in Trieste, where I also attended the Master in Complex Actions. Previously I did my Bachelor's and Master's studies in Mathematics at the University of Udine, where I also was a student of the Scuola Superiore of the University. After the Ph.D. I was a postdoc first at the CMAF–CIO of the University of Lisbon, then at the I.N.d.A.M. unit of the the Department of Mathematics of the University of Padova with a Mathtech–CNR–INdAM fellowship, and finally at the Institute of Information Theory and Automation of the Czech Academy of Sciences, where I became a researcher in 2020 and the recipient of a GAČR Junior Star project in 2021.
Since 2022 I am an assistent professor with tenure track (RTDb) in Mathematical Physics at the Polytechnic Department of Engineering and Architecture of the University of Udine.

My research activity revolves around the idea of evolution in time of a systems, crossing transversally abstract frameworks (e.g. dynamical systems, periodic solutions of ODEs, rate independent systems), methods (e.g. topological methods, critical point theory, calculus of variations, optimal control) and applications (e.g. Hamiltonian systems, crawling motility, ecological systems).